Panda All-Stars on film sets or in recording studios

Since we launched Panda All-Stars, we have been contacted regularly by casting directors and recording studios in Belgium, asking our young actors to audition for roles in films, plays or audio-soundtracks. 

Many of our Panda All-Stars have auditioned successfully and had a wonderful time on set, or in the recording studio, with a professional camera crew or sound team around them.


Being part of the professional world of dramatic arts is always an amazing experience for young actors. It can be a turning point in their lives, inspiring them to dream about a future career. Or it can just be a fun way to earn a little extra pocket money. 


We are delighted to be able to help, advise and even to rehearse our students who have been offered professional work. We can also support and advise aspiring young actors who are preparing to audition for UK and Irish drama schools.