Fighting human trafficking with Oasis Belgium

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat tells the story of a young man sold into slavery by his brothers. Human trafficking, the world's fastest-growing organised crime, is therefore a poignant issue for us.

The charity Oasis Belgium runs projects for children of sans papiers, helping them to stay in school, eat well and have stable accommodation whilst also helping the parents to regularise their papers and find work.  

It also runs a project helping women who have been trafficked to come out of exploitation, find community and employment - as well as women who experience domestic violence after emigrating to Belgium for marriage.  

For Oasis Belgium, the issue of excluded and lonely elderly people is also very important, so it runs a project connecting isolated elderly people to their community.  


Giving kids a future with the Giraffe Project

We believe in giving all children the opportunity to shine.

The Giraffe Project is a charity providing educational opportunities for children and young people from extremely deprived areas of Nairobi.

It works closely with three schools in and around the slums, and also provides support for teenagers to finish their studies in boarding schools. 

Graduates from secondary schools are also offered places in vocational training colleges.  All the schools are managed and run by local people.  


Running 2,000 km across India for 'In The Long Run'

Panda All-Stars teacher Benedict, who played the title role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, took part in a 2,000 km endurance run across India for Oasis Belgium. 

In The Long Run is an Oasis project in which teams run along human trafficking routes to raise awareness among local people and help them fight the growth of this modern-day slave trade.

In November 2017, Benedict joined the ITLR team that ran from Kolkata to Mumbai, organising awareness-raising events in schools and in vulnerable communities along the route.