A family experience

Our four children have always loved drama and musical theatre. It has been a wonderful way for them to make friends, gain confidence and push themselves to achieve new goals. 

They all love being part of theatre shows and have gained enormously from the fantastic amateur theatre scene in and around Brussels.  

But it’s not always easy to find opportunities for children to get involved in theatre. Many shows don’t include children in the cast, and solo roles for kids and teenagers are quite rare.  

That’s why we decided to create the Panda All-Stars. We want to give kids the chance to learn the techniques for singing and acting on stage, as well as being part of a team putting on a show.  

When we directed Joseph, we were delighted and impressed by the wonderful kids in the cast. Many of them were shy and quiet when rehearsals began, so we were thrilled to see them blossom and shine on stage.  By the time of the show, they were all performing confidently in front of a huge audience and loving it. They didn’t want the show to end and wanted to carry on meeting up every week to enjoy more theatre.  

The Panda All-Stars is a place where kids can do that. There will be no exams, no pressure, just fun learning.   

                                                        Dennis & Jennifer 

A family debut

 ...and it was a first for Laura, too, when as the Narrator she was accompanied on stage in the opening scene of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat by her three children.